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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  April 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thomas look pretty silly and then brooks like with the game winner. thursday is the playoff. it's whole new ball game. >> now, it is a dan and dale grind battling with the opponent. you get grudges. you start hating them. it is the best game in the world, the best time of year for us. we really look forward to this against a very good opponent that we respect tremendously. >> all right. looking forward to the caps taking that one. all right. plenty ahead. weather, traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning to you. it is straight up 5:00. live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol here in washington, d.c. a chilly start to your fantastic tuesday morning. >> i would have thought you
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would have said terrific tuesday. >> that is the same thing tucker said. >> that's what i said. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> sarah is off this week. i'm allison seymour. glad you are with us on this tuesday. >> fantastic tuesday. >> you didn't do the alliteration thing. >> temperatures are currently in the 40s, even the 30s. >> that adds insult to injury for the kids going back to school. let's kick it off with a look at our current numbers. reagan national, 48 degrees. let's see some other places.
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lots of 40s on the map. frederick at last look was 47. we are locking at generally quiet conditions but like yesterday, the wind are going to pick up again and it will be a breezy if not gusty -- wind gusty, gusting to about 30,-to- 35 miles per hour. we've got the red flag warning returning once again for very dry conditions and the fire threat. so look out for that. otherwise, sunshine and should be a decent afternoon but cooler than yesterday with highs in the low 60s. >> thank you, tuck. >> tucker and i have already gone over this. you know who is back? >> julie wright is back with us. good morning. let's see new a second. >> good morning, everybody. yes, wisdom, my mom said to tell you good morning. she filled me one this big cooler full of food for the trip back. >> is that food for me? >> i'll share some. >> tell your mom hi and thanks.
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>> she is watching us online right now, thank you very much. no problems to report on the gw parkway as you continue southbound working your way around towards the inbound stretch of the potomac. lanes are open headed for the southeast-southwest freeway. light traffic volume on 270 traveling southbound. overnight construction has been cleared to new hampshire avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. new this morning, the maryland general assembly's regular session came to an end overnight but state lawmaker still have a whole lot of work to do. the legislature could convene in a special session sometime in week to resolve financial issues. after 90 days, lawmakers failed to pass a revenue plan needed to avoid about $250 million in budget cuts. they also failed to approve a measure that would expand gambling in the state. this is the first time in two
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decades the legislature hasn't complete work on the budget during the regular session. se this is the story that just won't go away. more megamillions fever. this time, it appears we have a real winner in maryland. >> what? >> okay. after nearly two weeks, someone has come forward with the actual winning ticket. melanie alnwick is live in baltimore where a news conference is scheduled for later this morning. finally, some closure to our losing status. >> reporter: you know, i would say finally but the way things have gone lately, i don't believe until we actually get through that press conference and they give us the true facts here. lottery director steven martino will hold that press conference. lottery officials have a wonderful story to tell about the true megamillions winner arab person who wishes to remain anonymous, we are teeld did present the winning ticket at lottery head quart is here
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on monday. it is not mirlande wilson who grabbed a lot of attention last week after claiming she bought the winning ticket and then misplaced it. winner according to lottery officials did buy the ticket at that seven eleven store on liberty road in milford mill, maryland, a suburb of baltimore. the ticket was a quick pick. the buyer paid $1, bought nothing else and walked out. a former lottery director says it will be pretty hard for the winner to keep to a secret. >> when you win $218 million, people are going to find out. there is going to be family and friends who you never knew you even had who are going to find out. >> reporter: the drawing on march 30th was for the largest jackpot in history. $656million. there were three winning tickets purchased, one in kansas, one in illinois and, of
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course, this one in maryland. the after-tax lump sum value would be $105 million. so i guess the big question is are they going to take the lump sum or the payout? i would take the lump sum. >> you didn't win, i didn't win and she didn't win. we know that for a fact. >> thank you, melanie. >> we're here. >> yes, because we're here. we' a man is dead after a police-involved shooting that happened last night in landover, maryland. authorities say a prince george's county police officer approached three suspects acting suspicious and they all ran off. officer says they caught up with one of the suspects and a struggle started. >> the officer then deployed his taser which took no effect on the suspect with the suspect pulling the prongs from his body. at that point, the suspect reached into his waistband, pulling out a revolver. >> that is when the officer
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allegedly shot the suspect. he died at the scene. police confirm they did recover the suspect's weapon. the officer is on routine administrative leave pending an investigation. charges may soon be filed in the death of a 6-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself. it happened inside a house in the 6000 block of arbutus lane in clinton, maryland yesterday afternoon. police say the boy found the gun in a book bag that belonged to an unrelated 0-year-old man who also lived there. police are working with the state's attorney's office to figure out what charges apply. we are following developing news out of syria. more deadly attacks and act vivs there say there is no sign of a large-scale troop pullout. a cease-fire was supposed to go into effect today. the truce was widely seen as a last chance for diplomacy.
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the 13-month uprising against president assad as regime has turning increasingly militarized in response for a brutal regime crackdown. the man who says he killed florida teen trayvon martin in self-defense is now soliciting donations online. why he says he is raising money when fox 5 morning news continues. >> the obama administration has denied any widespread cases of voter faud but now one conservative film maker is out with an undercover video to show just how easy it would be to vote as someone else. we'll take a look on the other side of the break. [ female announcer ] style is long lasting when hair is nourished dove challenged women to go the day without looking at themselves in the mirror after styling with new dove style plus care in the morning. we covered every reflection they could look in. ♪ style is long lasting when hair is nourished.
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a significant decision in the trayvon martin case. this will be no grand jury to determine whether the man who shot martin should be arrested. special prosecutor in the case decided against getting the grand jury involved. angela corey says that does not necessarily mean she won't decide george zimmerman should face charges but one of his attorneys says he thinks it is a good time for his client. meantime, george zimmerman is trying to raise some money. he is soliciting pay pal donation on a web site he created to help pay his legal bills. zimmerman who says he shot trayvon in self-defense created the web site on sunday and is running it himself.
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now, there have been other money raising web sites created since the shooting but in a statement posted on pay pal, zimmerman said he can't validate those sites. a group looking to prove voter fraud used u.s. attorney general eric holder as an example on primary day in the district last week. take a listen. >> do you have an eric holder? >> there. >> i actually forgot my i. d.. >> you don't need it. >> i left it in the car. >> as long as you're here and you're on our list and that is who you say you are, you're okay. >> a perfect stranger walked into a d.c. polling place on primary day and just asked if they had u.s. attorney general eric holder, they said do you have an eric holder. the poll work placed a mark next on holder's name and offered him his ballot to vote. this was all part of project
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veritas investigates voter fraud in america. holder has said numerous times there is no prf our elections are marred with voter fraud. gas prices have been skyrocketing nationwide. it look luke there could be some long-term relief in sight. we've got cool conditions to start your day. temperatures falling back into the 40s. i'll have a look at your weather and julie wright will have a look at your traffic coming up after the break.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. good to see you, allison. >> nice to see you, wis to him. >> are we spaced appropriately? >> i think so. >> i like your red today. you look presidential. >> i vote for me means lower gas prices. >> is that what it is. >> you got my vote. we're in for cooler conditions the next couple of days. our highs will be in the 60s. we could use the rain. i have more on that in my headline that we'll get to right now. sunny and cool today. i mentioned our temperatures will once again be about eight or 10 degrees cooler than yesterday with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. that red flag warning that is
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indicating that we have very dry conditions and low humidity so increased risk for fire later today. we need some rain. it has been really dry around here. only about 1/10 of an inch of rain and a little more than that. since march, a little more than an inch of rain so we really need it. warmer this weekend after a couple of cool days. it will be up near 70 by saturday. 47 now in washington. so we've lost another degree in the past hour. 39 out in gaithersburg. 37 in frederick so it is even a little cooler than yesterday morning. 37 for you in manassas and let's see, quantico, 48 degrees as you start your day. should be a fine day. lots of sunshine expected. the winds were really blowing at times yesterday during the afternoon out of the west. we'll see winds gusting probably 25, 30 miles per hour with partial sunshine today but up like yesterday when we got a
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few showers across the region, i think today will generally be dry and later tonight, we'll keep things quiet here with a couple of showers, at least the possibility of of a couple of showers back in the forecast for your day tomorrow. there you go, lots of sunshine, still breezy, 62 degrees. there are your winds out of the west, gusting to about 30. we get cold tonight, partly cloudy skies. breezy, cold overnight. 39 take in the city. we'll be in the mid-30s off to the north and west. i wouldn't be surprised if we don't see some more freeze warnings and frost advisories issued later today for the nighttime hours. there is your five-day forecast. tomorrow will be a cool one. mostly cloudy. could be a few showers. 55degrees and then your gradual warm-up near 70 by saturday. julie wright has your latest. she is back. >> good morning to you. right now on the roads, you will find lanes are open no problems reported as you work your way northbound along 395 leaving the beltway and continuing up and across the 14th street bridge in both the
5:19 am
express lanes and the main lines. traffic is running smoothly at this time. outer loop of the beltway, no problems to report leaving colesville road headed around towards 270. overnight roadwork cleared from the play near new hampshire avenue. this is a live shot of new york avenue headed inbound towards bladensburg road and beyond. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. it looks like it will be an expensive sum fore drivers. gas price have been skyrocketing nationwide. >> but the question is is, is there any long-term relief in sight. fox's steve rapoport takes a look. >> i actually decided to take transportation today because it is so expensive to drive. >> reporter: according to the energy information administration, prices at the pump average about $3.93 for regular. some analysts say the high fuel costs might come down. >> a good time from the eia,
5:20 am
that is the energy information administration, that refineries are starting to finish maintenance ahead of the summer driving season and are boosting production. that is one of the big reasons why gas prices have started to slow. >> reporter: one research analyst says prices will eventually fall even further as more and more consumers opt for more fuel efficient vehicles. >> my next car will be a hybrid or electric car. >> you've seen consumers state for the first time ever that gas mileage is their number one concern when buying a car so yeah, over the longer term, say in the next couple of years, that change is going to have a big impact on the price of gasoline. >> and in the meantime, a number of drivers are doing what they can to cut costs. >> just basically, you take care of the necessary things such as go back to work and home, food shopping. when it comes to going out some maces you want to go, it gets cut down to a minimum due to the fact that the gas prices are so high. >> reporter: the price in many
5:21 am
areas has fall innocent last week. steve rappoport, position news. d.c. resident can soon get their hands on low interest rate car loans. participants must have past credit problems and must tax a financial literacy class. cnc bank and the wal-mart foundation are funding this program. there has been a delay in plans to bring a wal-mart store to the district. the retail giant plans to open its first store in the city at the end of 2013. wal-mart had hoped to have four stores open in the district by the end of this year. the "washington post" is reporting that complaints from activists and opponent have delayed the plan. the company is expected to break ground this spring at the corner of georgia and missouri avenues northwest. one billion dollars. that is how much money facebook is paying to buy the photo
5:22 am
sharing company instagram. the tuny start-up only has a handful of employees. it lets people share photos they take with mean old devices and has filters for people to play around with. it was named iphone's app of the year last year and has attracted more than 30 million users. not so tiny i would say. by purchasing the company, facebook feels they are not only eliminating a rival but gaining popular technology. that is why they are on top. cell phone companies are working with the government to make it a little more difficult to people to sell stolen cell phones. senator chuck schumer says major carriers and the federal communications commission have agreed to set up a database of identification numbers that are unique to each phone. using the list, the cell phone carrier will bible to permanently disable a phone once it is reported stolen. until now, carriers have only been able to disable the similar cards which can be swapped in and out. new developments coming up in the penn state child sex
5:23 am
abuse case. plus an update on the nfl bounty scandal. >> it is all coming up next on a fantastic tuesday. >> fantastic.
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back now with a live look outside. we'll get an update on weather from tucker and check on the roads from expwriewly.
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- - from julie coming up at 5:30. new developments in the penn state child sex abuse case. a judge has issued a gag order banning both sides from publicly discussing the case before the june trial. the ruling also applies to potential witnesses and any investigators who have ever worked on this case. former assistant coach jerry sandusky is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year span. he denies any wrong doing. the brother of a washington redskin has been suspended indefinitely from his college football team after a fight that left four underclassmen in the hospital. mike orakpo is the brother of redskins linebacker brian orakpo. he and two other players after colorado state university are now sidelined. they are accused of yelling homophobic insults at a group of freshman and beating them up. this is a picture of one of the victims. no one has been arrested for
5:27 am
the bee beetings. the school appears athletic department handed out the punishments. sean peyton will not be coaching the new orleans saints in 2012. the nfl commissioner rejected the appeals from peyton and the saints organization. all them from the so-called bounty system the team's defense use against other teams. peyton is suspended for qun one year starting on april 16th. the general manager mickey loomis will be suspended for eight games. gregg williams is suspended indefinitely. still ahead. >> i megamillions winner has come forward in maryland with the ticket maybe. melanie alnwick is following the latest. >> reporter: yes, we are live here in baltimore. everyone average schussly waiting the details at a press conference later this morning. -- anxiously awaiting the
5:28 am
details at a press conference later this morning. [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer.
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. hundreds of firefighters in new york are battling a fire at a landfill on staten island. the fire broke out in a pile of compost around 11:00 yesterday morning. the pile consisted of discarded christmas trees and debris from hurricane irene. officials believe dry, windy conditions helped fuel this flame. so far, it has burned as many as 19 acres. strong wind fanned the flames of a brushfire in northeast. it spread for a two-story
5:31 am
building on rhode island avenue yesterday. but firefighters put out the flames before they reached the greater mount cavalry holy church next door. the good news is no one was hurt. >> that is the theme around here today. we are under another red flag warning starting at noon, a lot of wind, no humidity. you see what happens. very dry. only about an inch of rain since march 1st. >> so we need a little bit. but we won't get -- >> we need a lot of bit. won't see it today. more sunshine and windy conditions expected later today. >> i thought we would get some yesterday. it kept looking like it. >> a few spots did get a light shower but not enough to sort of put a dent in our issues. let's get to our satellite quiet conditions, got a little bit of cloudiness out to the west. there you can see it, one or two showers in west virginia. here in the immediate
5:32 am
washington area, generally going to wake up with sunshine. currently at reagan national, 47 degrees. humidity,en 1%. wind are out of the south and west at six miles per hour. your forecast here today, if you like sunshine, generally a good one. we'll be dry here for our tuesday. >> another dry one. thank you. >> guess what time it is. julie wright time. welcome back, julie. >> i like that. there should be a sounder with a whistle an everything. no problem traveling the top stretch of the beltway or northbound on 395. lanes are open continuing past landmark and out to the 14th street bridge. overnight road work has been cleared from nutley street on 66, the beltway and the hot lane zones. over near new hampshire avenue, traffic is flowing freely in
5:33 am
each direction. outer loop. beltway, increasing volume as you work past colesville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. a major development in the maryland megamillions drama. it looks like we may finally have a real winner in maryland. a news conference is scheduled for later this morning. >> melanie alnwick is live in baltimore with the latest now. >> reporter: good morning, allison. yes, maryland lottery officials say, in their words, they have a wonderful story to tell about the true megamillions winner and they are promising they will give us more details when lottery director steven martino hold a full court press conference here around #:00 this morning. we do know a person presented a ticket with the winning numbers on monday here at lottery headquarters and that person wishes to remain anonymous. we are told it is not mirlande wilson, who claimed she had the
5:34 am
winning ticket last week and then misplaced it. the ticket was a quick pick the the buyer paid $1, bought nothing else and walked out. a former lottery director says it is not unusual for drama to surround a jackpot this big. >> when there is a big megamillions or powerball jackpot, an exciting lottery game, you often have people would come forward looking for publicity trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. juror. >> reporter: the drawing on march 30th was for the largest jackpot in history. it finally swelled to about $656 million. americans paid about $1.5 billion troying to buy a chance for the lottery. again, the winning ticket sold not only here in maryland but one in illinois and in kansas. i love this part it was too. the people who sold the winning ticket, the couple from ethiopia that owns that 7-
5:35 am
eleven, they will get $100,000 also for selling that winning ticket. >> thank you. finally some closure to this. >> hopefully. new this morning, the maryland general assembly's regular session has come to an end. that happened last night. but state lawmaker still have a whole lot of work to do. the legislature could convene in a special session sometime this week to resolve financial issues. after 90 days, lawmaker couldn't agree on a gambling measure that would have legalized table games in maryland. the measure failed even though some lawmakers felt that it would be good for the entire region. >> instead of marylanders going to charleston, marylanders going to the eastern shore, marylanders going to pennsylvania, it keeps washington, d.c. people and virginia people in our state. it make the state millions and millions of dollars. >> part of the compromise is that the facility in prince george's county wouldn't get started until -- come online
5:36 am
until 2015, the slots part of it. it enables the other sites in maryland to establish themselves and get up appear running. >> lawmakers also failed to pass a revenue plan needed to avoid about $250 million in budget cuts. this is the first time in 20 years the legislature hasn't complete work on the budget during its regular session. obama's health care overhaul could add billions of dollars to the federal deficit. officially, the health care law is projected to reduce the federal red ink but according to i aleading conservative economist, it will actually increase the deficit by at least $340 billion. now, his study which will be released today could reignite a debate about the law's impact on the government's bottom line. the federal government plans to propose new rules today on help home owners avoid a foreclosure. mortgage services would have to give borrowers standardized monthly statements and warn them about changes in interest rates or insurance.
5:37 am
they would have to make good faith efforts to contact borrowers if risk of foreclosure is at stake and give them options to avoid losing their home. the rules could be finalized by next january. coming up, we have an update on the proposed metro fare hikes but this one is good news for riders actually. >> and then frightening moments for i agroup of students when their bus driver has a heart attack behind the wheel. one brave young man jumps into action. we'll show it to you. we'll be right back.  i've discovered gold. [ female announcer ] the gold standard in anti-aging. roc® retinol. found in roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. now for maximum results... the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum to create retinol correxion® max. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments.
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riders on metrorail may soon be able to buy an unlimited 28-day pass, all part of a plan that will come before the board of directors today. the new pass would cost $230 and would be available only on electronic smart trip cards. the man also includes an average of 5% increase for both rail and bus services. a scary bus ride for students in milton, washington as they head back to school after spring break. the school bus driver had a heart attack while driving. you are looking at video there. the bus began to swerve all over the road but a quick- thinking seventh grader ran to the front of that bus, took the
5:41 am
wheel, pulling the bus off the road. surveillance video was released by the milton school district. it showed the student running up to help. >> everyone was asking questions, what happened? there is a bus out there. what did you do, jeremy? i'm like well, i just drove the bus to the side. everyone is all excited about that. >> he is a hero. there he is running up to the front. a school administrator happened to be driving by after the bus came tie stop and performed cpr on the driver until paramedics arrived. bus driver was breathing when paramedics took him off of that bus. >> good for him. >> that is amazing. >> some good news. >> a little good news. >> right. a lot of sneezing going on in the fox 5 newsroom and we're willing to bet you are experiencing some of the same things. whether can we expect some relief? we'll hear from an allergy expert coming up next after the break. here is a live look outside. if you want to go somewhere south, get out right now and try to make t you are looking at the springfield interchange
5:42 am
at 5:41 on a tuesday morning. we will be right back.  never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together.
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this nonstop fashionista is definitely a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. a live look outside right now. washington, d.c., that is the washington monument at 5:44 on
5:45 am
this fantastic, chilly tuesday morning. >> very pretty. but it is 47 degrees out there. tucker barnes joins us now with the details. i want to say deets all the time. that is what my kids say. >> what are the deets. >> deets are -- >> it doesn't sound the same when you say it. >> our highs will only be in the 60s. 39 in gaithersburg. 39 in frederick. martinsburg, 3. 37 in manassas. a couple of spots a little bit warmer here. annapolis is 49 degrees. close to the bay, temperature up a little bit. want to talk about this red flag warning once again. this is for very dry conditions and very gusty wind that are going to redevelop during the course of the day.
5:46 am
a combination of low humidity and gusty winds. that is a good combination for fires and we had several reports of wildfires out to the west yesterday and we've been reporting on some fires closer to town. this red flag warning in effect from noon to 8:00 tonight. just be cautious about any flames later tonight with the gusty wind expected. should be a fine looking day. we need the rain showers. just not a lot in the forecast for our tuesday. we will see some clouds this afternoon but that will been it. our flow here out of the north and west and there is a big sprawling area, upper level low up across the great lakes and some spokes of energy will come down and bottom line is keep us cool for a couple of days as we get into the middle of the week here. plenty of sunshine, still breezy. 62 your daytime high. check out your winds. they are back again gusting out of the west again at 30 miles per hour. cold overnight. we've got a the freeze warning well out to the west. partly cloudy skies. still breezy overnight and your overnight low, 39 degrees.
5:47 am
you will need a jacket. let's check out your five-day. maybe a few showers tomorrow. we need them desperately. a grad warm warm-up. near 70 by saturday. maybe 80 by sunday or other than monday. let's get to julie wright. >> have you tweeted yet this morning? >> you and the tweet. i got a three-day break. ill aget on there as soon as i can. >> what else have you got to do? >> a little busy. >> we are looking forward to your twitter excursion. traveling southbound along 270, lanes are open. no problems to report coming in off i-70. nice, easy ride around the beltway between college park and bethesda. you will find lanes are open if you are traveling the beltway between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic.
5:48 am
here is a question for you. are you tired of dealing with runny noses, watery eyes and headaches because, if you are, you are not alone. a lot of folks dealing with it. our shawn yancy spoke with an allergy expert. >> reporter: allergy season started a the bit early this year and now that it is in full swing, the pollen and other irritants really packing a pun. dr.michael kletz joining us. did the mild winter cause allergy season to start earlier this year. that is what we think. it was warm by the end of january so it gave more time for pollination. >> what seem to be the main irritants here in our area? >> right now, it is definitely the tree pollen. there is a lot of mold in
5:49 am
washington. this is classic free pollen season. >> we know there is a plethora of over the counter medications. many people wonder are they as good as the prescription medications and is there a difference between zyrtec to allegra. >> those were prescription medications years ago. where as claritin may work for someone, allegra may work for machine else. >> how do you identifying out what is best for you? do you need to see the doctor or just trial and error. >> you should do environmental control, keep the windows closed, air conditioning on, some general things that you can help prevent from being exposed to pollen and then can you try some over the counter antihistamines. if that doesn't help, then you see your primary care physician or a specialist. >> what about allergy shots. who should be getting allergy
5:50 am
shots? >> it is with multiseasonal symptoms. so spring and fall or year- round symptoms. if it is just spring for a couple of months out of year, we don't put patients like that on allergy shots unless it is incredibly severe and they can't work, for example. >> and for effect out there suffering right now, how long will this likely continue? when can they expect relief? >> well, tree pollen usually in this area goes through may, early may and then but may and june, grass pollen is prevalent. and then you have a little bit of quiet until august when ragweed comes. really for relief. >> we have to get used to the medication, the kleenex and the eyedrops. a heart-warming story coming up next. we'll introduce you to the air force veteran who is putting smiles on somof
5:51 am
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a children's hospital hero is making all the difference for sick kids and their parents. anthony thomas is an air force vet now working as an oncology nurse at children's national medical center. i got the chance to meet him and i'll introduce to you the man they call pup. anthony pup thomas has a way with his patients. >> kind of quiet. there is a smile. >> reporter: for 12 years, pup has worked as a pediatric oncology nurse caring for some of the hospital's sickette kids. >> there is something about being able to actually come in here every day, put my scrubs on, whether i'm giving chemo, i have to start an iv, get glad, this is something rewarding about this.
5:55 am
>> pup's enthusiasm and special touch doesn't go unnoticed by his colleagues. >> he has a way on of talking to the parents where can he kind of joke around with them, make them feel at ease and become their friend. in turn, the patients pick up on that and he is just a really fun guy. >> i think he is great with each age range. he will come back holding the littlest patient showing her off because he just thinks she is so cute. so it is really his strengths is with all age groups. >> from the smallest patient to the senior teens like 18-year- old mayer. >> you in bed. look at you. >> reporter: pup has treated mayer for his leukemia since he was just a kid. he is now a graduating high school senior. he calls pup a caring person would always looks out for your best interests. >> most kids are small and the whole hospital is built around that. you feel more of a teenager, more of an adult-tip thing and he streets you like one. >> mayer is no stranger to
5:56 am
children's hospital but 10-year- old andre was just diagnosed with cancer in december. >> even when andre is not vague good day, he ends up at least cracking one smile because pup keep at it until he is feeling better. >> the days i was like mad, i was just serious, i growled at him. i'm happy he didn't growl back at me. he is always nice. >> pup can handle the occasional growl. he knows behind it is the spirit of a fighter. >> my bad day sometimes doesn't measure up to their worst day so it puts things into perspective for me. >> what a pleasure to meet him. >> pup seems like a nice guy. >> a nice guy. >> nice job on that. >> thank you very much. >> we have this special partnership with what used toment children's miracle network so from time to time, we do those stories and it was my pleasure to do that. straight ahead, netflix trying to learn more about its
5:57 am
customers by studying viewer behavior. the company is taking heat over concerns that it is tracking customers. we'll have more on that in today's business beat. >> we are checking your morning commute and weather and all your top stories. as we take you to the break, we want to say a special good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is harry and i'm going to learn how to say your last name. want to wait. we'll find out. this young lady in the picture is ada clark. she turned 101 years old yesterday and harry says that he wants ada to see herself on tv. we hope you are watching this morning. thank you for writing in. we do appreciate it. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan. day, head on our facebook passenger, search fox 5 morning news and leave a comment under this lovely photo of ms. ada. we will be right back. three minutes before 6:00 right now. 
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